In this episode of the GrassRoots Functional Medicine podcast, Dr. Seth Osgood speaks with licensed mental health counselor and holistic practitioner, Christine Free, LCMHC, MS, about the importance of mental wellness and the shortcomings of the standard approach to mental health. From her experience working with clients, Christine highlights the frustration and confusion that stem from a medication-first approach and a lack of continuity in therapist care.

She emphasizes the need for holistic approaches that delve into the root causes of mental health issues and considers the interplay between physical and mental health. Tune in to gain insight into the complex landscape of mental wellness and potential alternative approaches.

Christine Currently holds her New Hampshire and North Carolina LCMHC, is a Master in Clinical Counseling, a 200 – HRYTT & Level 2 Holy Fire Reiki practitioner. and has held an ISSA personal Fitness Trainer certification. She started her undergrad program at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH circa 2005, graduating in 2010 with a BA in Psychology. After completing her program she moved to Massachusetts in May of 2010, and nine months later she embarked on her master’s program in Clinical Counseling with Bellevue University. Christine completed her master’s degree in 2016 while living in North Carolina. ​She has a colorful resume of various roles as teacher, healer, and health inspiration. Her life story is painted and threaded with a passion for health and healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

Topics discussed:

  • Christine’s background and passion for mental health
  • The growing epidemic of mental health issues
  • The standard approach to mental health and potential solutions to improve mental health treatment
  • Alternative treatments that can enhance a patients experience like EMDR, Reiki, ketamine-assisted therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy

Christine’s health tip:

Know that you are enough. You are seen; you are important.

More about Christine Free, LCMHC, MS and Merkaba Sacred Healing:

Christine Free has been passionate about her career path since she was in high school. She knew that helping and teaching in some capacity was her calling and through life developed her core values. Those core values being to always have impeccability, respect, persistency, and quality. Having impeccability in our thoughts, words, and actions in all that we do. Being impeccable doesn’t mean being perfect, it means doing the right thing when no one is looking and to the best of our ability. Respecting all that comes in our life; whether it be people, places, things, or moments. Respect and kindness are meant to be spread all over. Having persistence in all that we do; knowing that it has nothing to do with time spent and more to do with attitude we put forth. Lastly, quality in how we execute these values. We are deserving of all that is good in our life.

Christine has overcome many life challenges and adversities, utilizing various tools to make herself a better individual and provider. She continues to constantly educate herself and further her knowledge in the field she is passionate about and loves. Christine started Merkaba Sacred Healing & Counseling, PLLC in January of 2023 and she is so excited to be able to share her skills and services. Merkaba Sacred Healing & Counseling aims not just to be a counseling office, but so much more, by offering other wellness services. Connecting individuals and couples to their authentic selves, uniting them back to a home deep within their bones. Christine is an EMDR, EFT Trained Trauma Informed therapist. She also has a certification in CSTIP for sex and couples therapy along with many other certifications she utilizes with clients.

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