Are We A Good Fit?

At GrassRoots Functional Medicine, our #1 priority is to help you finally overcome your chronic health issues.

Unlike most conventional medicine practitioners, we look at dietary, lifestyle, and environmental factors that may be contributing to your symptoms. Through advanced lab testing, we discover the root causes of the imbalances that have kept you stuck in a chronic illness cycle so that you can finally break free.

Our Unique Approach

Our GrassRoots Functional Medicine Roadmap is a unique approach to help patients regain their energy, focus, and gut health, naturally without prescriptions so they can live life fully, feeling and looking their best.

We partner with each patient to achieve these steps, starting with the Review Phase:

During the intake, we’ll review your past medical history and any previous lab tests, so we can assess your symptoms and anything your doctor might have missed.

Next, we’ll determine the need for additional lab tests to help pinpoint the real reasons for your health issues and understand your current nutrient status and microbiome.

After that, we’ll prioritize our treatment approach for immediate symptom relief – utilizing a variety of healing protocols including a tailored diet plan and, nutritional supplements that support your body’s own detoxification and repair systems.

The next steps focus on restoring and optimizing gut function, starting with pathogens & stealth infections that are often at the root of gut dysbiosis.

Next, we focus on repairing the gut lining to reestablish intestinal integrity so we can lower inflammation and undo the damage caused by gut dysbiosis.

The last step in the Gut Reset phase is dedicated to replenishing the microbiome to properly digest food, improve nutrient absorption, and boost neurotransmitter production important for balanced mood.

Once we make headway with rebooting your gut health, we’ll turn our attention to rebalancing your nervous system, hormones, and cellular health.
Specifically, we’ll strengthen parasympathetic tone to help you shift from “flight or flight” to “rest and digest” mode – while dialing down inflammatory signals and enhancing mood and focus.
In the hormone rebalancing step, we provide thyroid and adrenal support to restore energy and improve metabolism. We also cover blood sugar balance and address possible insulin resistance that can keep you from losing weight and feeling energized.
The final step of our GrassRoots Functional Medicine Roadmap focuses on detox and cellular balance – helping you reduce your body’s toxic burden, avoid toxins in the first place, and replenish your cellular machinery for an energized life.

How It Works

Every patient’s situation is different, but we always seek to rapidly reduce the severity of your symptoms and then initiate a personalized treatment plan that will work to resolve your remaining symptoms over the course of the next 8-12 months.
Our collaborative care approach focuses on building lifelong health skills that serve you and your entire family.
You’ll learn about gut health, detoxification, weight loss, autoimmunity, and, metabolic syndrome and how to adapt your lifestyle, habits, and environment for optimal wellness that lasts a lifetime.

15-Minute Consult

The Discovery Call is your opportunity to speak with a member of the GrassRoots team to discuss your goals and determine if our programs are a good fit for you. Bring all of your questions and a vision for what you want to achieve by working together.

80-Minute Initial Visit

In-depth 80 minute intake visit to review your history and create a solid treatment plan. We will order comprehensive testing that evaluates your body at the cell level so your have a clear understanding or what is imbalanced and preventing your body from functioning opimally.

8 or 12-Month Intensive

Care is delivered over an 8 or 12 month intensive program, which includes appointments with Dr. Osgood, medical practitioners, the nutritionist, the health coach. We will give you the eduction, resources, and support you need to reclaim the vitality you once knew!

Wonder If Grassroots Functional Medicine Is Right For You?

Every client’s health journey is unique, so if you’d like to explore specific questions or whether our approach is even right for you, then apply for your free discovery call. Our patient coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have.

Testimonials From Patients

“I never thought I would feel as good as I do now!”
“I will never regret making that phone call.”
“I had no idea what was happening in my body.”
“I feel better than I’ve felt in 20 years.”
“[Working with Grassroots] has changed my life drastically.”
“I would truly be lost without [Dr. Osgood].”