Mike Horner

We are thrilled to welcome Mike to the GrassRoots Functional Medicine team! To help you get to know Mike, Dr. Osgood sat down to interview and introduce him to the GrassRoots community.

Mike grew up on a hillside farm perched above the Mad River Valley in Vermont. After earning his BS in Animal Sciences at UVM, he pursued his passion for paramedicine, and worked as a Nationally Registered Paramedic for 35 years.

Through this experience, he observed up close how sedentary lifestyles, poor nutritional choices, toxic environments and poor stress management skills created an explosion of chronic disease.

He saw that unfortunately, most people who become chronically ill seem to remain chronically ill, cycling from one medical specialist to the next, without the support or expectation of ever recovering.

In his mind, he knew there had to be a better way . He has since navigated his own health crisis’, personally experiencing the benefits of regular exercise, healthy eating and a positive mindset. In 2015, he returned home from a four day hospitalization following open heart surgery and proceeded to walk 100 miles in the next 14 days.

Having recently turned his focus to health and wellness, he is ecstatic about the opportunity to partner with people who are searching for root causes of their disease and are willing to commit to the work of reclaiming their innate health.

When not working, Mike and his partner Sandy enjoy all things outdoors. They feel privileged to be stewarding a beautiful piece of land and continue to explore and deepen their relationship to the diversity of life that shares the landscape with them.