We are thrilled to welcome Liz to the GrassRoots Functional Medicine team! To help you get to know her, Dr. Osgood sat down to interview and introduce her to the GrassRoots community.

Elizabeth (Liz) Mitchell started her journey in holistic and integrative medicine in 2011 when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Liz believes that her authenticity, caring presence, and nursing skills assist her patients in removing barriers to their healing process. She continues to feel strongly that a person’s health journey may not always involve a cure, but it always has the potential for wellness.

Liz was born and raised in New Hampshire. When she was 14, Liz moved to Miami, FL where she fostered her love of caring for others when she volunteered as a candy striper in a newborn unit. After Miami, Liz moved to upstate New York, where she obtained her undergraduate degrees in biology and psychology while working as a certified nursing assistant in geriatric care. Liz’s many years caring for others as a nursing assistant solidified her passion to pursue a degree in nursing. Liz attended an accelerated family nurse practitioner program in Boston, MA, where she received her Master’s Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

A common thread during her nursing career has been the connection Liz seeks to develop with her patients, their families, and the community at large. Since 2007, Liz has worked as a Nurse Practitioner where her focus has been on patient education and empowerment. Throughout her career, she has had several opportunities to expand her education and experience. While most of her career has been in family practice, she has also served in other roles. Liz has also worked as a hospitalist at a traumatic brain injury hospital, taught nursing students at different nursing schools, and served on two nursing advisory boards in New Hampshire. More recently, Liz worked as a Director of Nursing at a long term nursing care facility where she learned many valuable skills in leadership and management. Since 2013, Liz has had her certification with the American Holistic Nurses Association and has incorporated complementary alternative medicine practices in the care she gave to her patients. When not with patients Liz enjoys hiking, yoga, and caring for her bees.