14-Day Paleo Detox Challenge

Let’s flush out the junk from 2020 and kick off the new year with better health and more energy! 


A Step-by-Step System for Success

The 14-Day Detox Challenge maps out everything you need to reset physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Essential Detox Support Supplements 

Give your liver a twice-daily dose of the antioxidants and amino acids needed to filter and flush out toxins, reduce inflammation, and boost your energy. Simply take one detox-supporting supplement packet in the morning and one at midday.

Delicious Protein Shakes 

For breakfast and lunch, you’ll drink energizing shakes packed with collagen-based protein, essential vitamins and minerals, and your choice of fruits and veggies. These will keep you fueled and promote gut repair and detoxification.

A Simple Meal Plan for Dinners & Snacks 

You’ll enjoy a Paleo or AIP meal every evening and as many snacks throughout the day as you like. The recipes are tasty, yet easy to prepare, and we provide lots of snack ideas, both homemade and store-bought.

Expert Coaching & Support 

Our team of functional medicine experts will provide group coaching sessions, Q&As, and accountability check-ins throughout the challenge. We’ll focus on mindset and creating sustainable habits to ensure you stay on track and get results!

Meet Your Support Team

During the challenge, you’ll have bonus group coaching sessions via Facebook Live with our team of functional medicine experts.

Dr. Seth Osgood

Founder & Lead Practitioner

Betsy Chapmon

Functional Nutritionist

Jen Schutzius

Integrative Health Coach

Here are some of the results previous detox participants shared:

“My stiffness is gone and I have more energy.” 

Significantly decreased food cravings (carbs and chocolate), improved energy, no foggy brain.”

I lost a few pounds and it helped me realize I don’t need gluten-free bread every day. :)”

“Slimmer belly/decreased bloating, I fit into some clothes better or again, more even mood and energy, less nasal/ear stuffiness.”

Boost Your Results

This detox is your jumpstart for a healthier and happier 2021! Keep your momentum going and ease your transition back into “regular life” by continuing with a daily Paleo protein shake.

Patients who continue the shakes after the detox have shared that it’s easier to stick with their new habits when one meal a day is taken care of and guaranteed to be health-promoting.

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