Joseph Antoun, MD, PhD, has a passion for enhancing human longevity by nurturing a true healthcare system alongside the current sick care system.

Dr. Antoun is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of L-Nutra, a unique nutri-tech company leading the food as medicine movement by applying cutting-edge science to nutrition research: first to uncover what humans should eat to live healthier, for longer, and second to help patients achieve better health outcomes.

In this episode, Seth is joined by Dr. Antoun to discuss the role of nutrition in unlocking health and longevity. Dr. Antoun shares his expertise on the impact of nutrition on our DNA and aging process and how options like fasting and L-Nutra’s nutrition technology can make a significant difference in our health span. He also talks about the importance of nutrition in inducing disease remission and progression. This episode is a must-listen for anyone who wants to learn more about nutrition’s critical role in achieving a healthier and longer life. Tune in and discover valuable insights that can help transform your approach to nutrition and healthcare.​

Topics discussed:

  • Big nutrition companies have only done limited trials on food, despite its impact on health and longevity.
  • Nutrition should be one of the primary approaches to preventing and treating diseases.
  • Normalizing nutrition as a foundation for good health and combating illnesses can benefit our society as a whole.
  • Fasting mimicking diets can improve the immune system and slow the effects of aging.

Resources discussed in this episode:

The Longevity Diet: Discover the New Science Behind Stem Cell Activation and Regeneration to Slow Aging, Fight Disease, and Optimize Weight
Six-Month Periodic Fasting in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes and Diabetic Nephropathy: A Proof-Of-Concept Study

More about Dr. Joseph Antoun and L-Nutra:

Dr. Antoun has dedicated his professional experience to reforming health systems towards preventive care, to create a market for healthy aging by launching the first aging and longevity product called ProLon, and to bringing back fasting as a longevity practice to humanity. In 2016, Dr. Antoun launched the Fasting Market, which by 2018, became the #1 nutrition regimen in the US, and continues to grow in popularity. In 2018, the Fasting Mimicking Diet was granted a patent on “promoting longevity and healthspan.”

Also, Dr. Antoun completed his Health Policy studies at Harvard University, Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, Medicine and Biological Sciences at Saint Joseph University, and his PhD studies in Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Studies at King’s College. He is married to the loveliest Carine, has three amazing boys, and stays healthy by practicing time restricted eating, periodic fasting, and walking daily while on his phone.

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