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The GrassRoots Functional Medicine podcast was created out of frustration that so many people are struggling with chronic health issues and aren’t getting the help they need.

What’s often missing is an integrated approach that brings together multiple disciplines and modalities to treat the body as a whole.

In this show, Dr. Seth Osgood explores cutting-edge therapies and interviews health experts across the wellness spectrum to share their knowledge, practical tips, and real-life patient success stories.

Come along on this journey as Dr. Osgood guides you in building a life centered around physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. You’ll walk away with actionable strategies to prevent and treat chronic disease using a functional medicine approach.

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About the Author: Dr. Seth Osgood is a Doctor of Nursing Practice and Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) Certified Practitioner. Dr. Osgood received his post-graduate training in Functional Medicine through the IFM and from working with Dr. Amy Myers. He has helped people from around the world improve their health utilizing a Functional Medicine approach.

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