The last year has done a number on our stress levels and it may be wreaking havoc on your gut health without you realizing it.

Everything from emotional stress to poor sleep and consuming too much caffeine, sugar, and alcohol can damage your gut health. Because the gut is so complex and impacts so many other areas of health, this can create a snowball effect on your immune function, skin health, mood, cardiovascular health, thyroid function, and more.

In this episode, Seth is joined by a registered dietitian to discuss the long-term effects stress has on your gut and why eating a nutritious and balanced diet is so important for your overall health.

Meg Gerber RD, LDN, IFNCP, CGN is a Functional Medicine Dietitian, Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT 200) and owner of Grounded Nourishment; a private virtual nutrition practice. 

She specializes in chronic digestive issues and as a functional dietitian, she seeks to identify the root cause behind bodily imbalance. Meg takes an approach to gut healing that focuses on individualized, colorful nutrition and goes beyond the food to acknowledge the ‘elephant’ in everyone’s room-stress!

In this episode, Seth and Megan discuss:

  • Megan’s personal journey with digestive issues, Celiac disease, and functional medicine
  • The difference between your sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest & digest) nervous systems
  • How stress affects your digestion and entire microbiome
  • The different types of stress (many of which are overlooked!)
  • Top signs of an unhealthy gut
  • What is the vagus nerve and why is it important when talking about digestion?
  • Signs of vagus nerve dysfunction
  • Practical strategies to manage stress
  • Dietary recommendations to aid digestion and reduce stress

Megan’s health tip: Eat a balanced diet that consists of protein, fat, and fiber at every meal to sustain your energy.

More About Megan Gerber

Meg has had her own personal journey with digestive imbalance with Celiac disease and therefore is passionate about how critical our stress management is to our healing. Her approach to gut healing focuses on the importance of identifying the food that optimizes you (and you enjoy!) as well as stress management tools that work for you for the long run. It’s not just what to eat but how and in what context. 

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About the Author: Dr. Seth Osgood is a Doctor of Nursing Practice and Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) Certified Practitioner. Dr. Osgood received his post-graduate training in Functional Medicine through the IFM and from working with Dr. Amy Myers. He has helped people from around the world improve their health utilizing a Functional Medicine approach.

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