The vagus nerve is one of the most untapped and under-discussed resources in managing your mental and physical health. Learning to recognize and move through specific states in your nervous system can help ease anxiety and depression, GI issues, metabolic imbalances, and generally help you feel calmer and more in control.

In this episode, Brooke Butler, LMFT-A joins Seth to discuss how trauma impacts our well-being and the steps we can take to regulate our stress response via the Polyvagal Theory. Brooke uses Polyvagal Theory to help clients understand their own nervous system and how many triggers and emotions they experience come from the different states of the nervous system. They can then recognize their state and use their learned tools to get out of survival mode.

In this episode, Seth and Brooke discuss:

  • ☝ How trauma can impact your nervous system 
  • 🎆 What anxiety symptoms look like and how it can affect your body
  • 🤓 What is the Vagus nerve and what is it responsible for 
  • ❓ What are the main components of the Polyvagal theory
  • ✨ Learn the 3 states that dictate how we behave and think in the world
    • Dorsall – Immobilization, can be responsible for Depression
    • Sympathetic – Mobilization, Fight or flight
    • Ventral – connection, feeling hopeful

Brooke’s health tip: Implement meditation or breathwork into your day to create calm and to keep a stress deficit.

Resources: The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma – Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

More About Brooke and Evolution Austin Therapy

Brooke Butler is a relational therapist working with couples, individuals, and families who are struggling in different areas in their lives. Brooke also works with clients using parts work (IFS), mindfulness, EFT, and cognitive-behavioral work. Brooke specializes in areas like habit change, premarital counseling, anxiety, depression, body image issues, poor relationship with food, relational issues, life transitions, struggles with sexuality, and many more.

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About the Author: Dr. Seth Osgood is a Doctor of Nursing Practice and Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) Certified Practitioner. Dr. Osgood received his post-graduate training in Functional Medicine through the IFM and from working with Dr. Amy Myers. He has helped people from around the world improve their health utilizing a Functional Medicine approach.

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