“It’s like they became a different child overnight.”

I’ve heard this heartbreaking refrain from many parents of children with PANS or PANDAS.

They have often gone from a happy and easy-go-lucky child to struggling with severe OCD, anxiety, picky eating, and even bedwetting.

Their pediatrician is stumped, the parents are terrified and frustrated, and everyone is desperate to know what is going on.

In the case of PANS/PANDAS, the child’s brain is literally under attack by the immune system. The trigger for this autoimmune reaction is an infection (usually strep or Lyme) that you may or may not know your child even had.

The good news is that, as with all autoimmune conditions, it’s possible to identify the factors causing the attack (it’s usually more than one) and stop the reactivity.

I’m thrilled to have Dr. Emily Gutierrez on the podcast this week to dive into PANS and PANDAS and how to diagnose and treat them. Dr. Gutierrez received her doctorate of nursing practice from Johns Hopkins University and is also a certified pediatric nurse practitioner and functional medicine provider. She specializes in pediatric neurological conditions, including PANS, PANDAS, and autism.

In this episode, Dr. Gutierrez and I discuss:

  • What is PANS & PANDAS?
  • The most common clinical signs to look for
  • Why a comprehensive evaluation is critical for catching PANS/PANDAS
  • What lab testing to ask for
  • The best time for intervention and what treatments are recommended
  • A real-life patient success story from a PANS/PANDAS patient

Download the free PANS/PANDAS screening questionnaire here.

Dr. Gutierrez’s health tip: If your child has a sudden onset of these regressive type symptoms that we talked about, like OCD, anxiety, food restriction, etc. go to your pediatrician and have them swab their throat.

More About Dr. Emily Gutierrez

Dr. Gutierrez is the founder of Neuronutrition Associates, one of the first pediatric functional medicine practices in the United States. She has written a book, “The Parents Roadmap to Autism: A Functional Medicine Approach” and is also a seasoned published writer and speaker.

Find out more about Emily and Neuronutrition Associates, visit www.neuronutritionassociates.com

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