In this episode, Seth is joined by Kristin Tigges with Living Drop Collective to discuss the types of toxic loads we can encounter in our environment and how essential oils can play an important role in your family’s wellness.

After walking with her husband through a Graves’ Disease diagnosis, and changing his lifestyle to put Graves’ into remission, Kristin became even more passionate about teaching others about the benefits of natural wellness. She loves sharing easy tips and solutions for detoxing your homes and bodies of harmful chemicals, toxins, and fragrances.

In this episode, Seth and Kristin discuss:

🠟How to reduce toxins and optimize your home environment
🤷Why we need to consider the toxin load in our home
🎇What are some of the problems that can develop from excessive toxic exposure
❓What are the symptoms of having a high toxic load 
💡How you can make subtle shifts in your life to lighten your toxic load
🧴What is an essential oil and how can they safely be used in our lives
💥What is doTerra and how are their essential oils different

Kristin’s health tip: 
  • Start small.  Don’t try to replace all the chemicals in your home at once.
More About Kristin Tigges and Resources

Natural Health mentor, business strategist, wife, and mom of 2 wild boys, Kristin Tigges is a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA. Kristin has spent the last 10 years empowering families to take health back into their own hands!

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