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6 Factors that Sabotage Thyroid Recovery

While every patient is unique, here are often just a few factors that need to be addressed in order to recover from thyroid dysfunction. If you’re struggling to reclaim your health and finally feel like yourself again, here are 6 factors that could be holding you back.

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7 Nutrients Every Thyroid Patient Should Have Checked

Your thyroid depends on key vitamins and minerals to power and energize your body. Deficiencies in these nutrients are among the most common root causes of thyroid dysfunction. However, restoring optimal levels is often one of the quickest and easiest ways to start feeling better.

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The #1 Lie About Autoimmune Disease

There is a huge lie that conventional medicine tells autoimmune patients. This myth is causing more than 50 million Americans to suffer needlessly with frustrating symptoms and debilitating conditions that have the potential of being improved through holistic methods.

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