The Next Step in Your Health Journey

The Adaptation Graduate Program

Let’s make sure you maintain the health you’ve worked so hard to regain! We’re here to support you in this next phase with the Adaptation Graduate Program.

Watch this message from Dr. Osgood to learn more.

Why We Created the Graduate Program

The reality is that our environment is constantly changing, and your health trajectory isn’t a straight line.

You may start a new job that adds stress and reignites some of your symptoms. Or you may be exposed to an environmental toxin that puts a strain on your immune system.

You may even reintroduce a few more foods that seem to be ok at first but end up causing issues down the road.

That’s ok! It happens to all of us, myself included.

With the Graduate Program, you’ll have ongoing support to address stressors early, before they escalate into a bigger problem!

The Support You’ll Receive

*Important Note*

You are eligible to enroll in the Graduate Program within 15 days of your final appointment.

If you do not join in that time, you will need to complete the full Adaptation Program again in order to continue care.

Have Questions?

We’d love to answer them! 

Just give us a call at 888-644-7668 or ask them in your final appointment.

Is the Graduate Program Right for You?

The Adaptation Graduate Program is only for patients who have completed the Adaptation Program and are committed to maintaining their health and protecting against future disease.

The program is specifically designed to support you in two ways.

If you’re still working toward optimal health…

That’s ok! You’ve made tremendous progress and it takes time to get fully recover, just like it took time to get sick.

With the Graduate Program, your care will continue uninterrupted so you can keep moving forward.

We’ll continue adjusting your personalized plan to give your body the ingredients it needs to heal.

You’ll also get the same access and accountability that you’ve received throughout the program to keep you on track until you reach your goals.

If you’ve reclaimed optimal health and are concerned with protecting it…

Congratulations on restoring your health! We want to make sure you keep it for years to come!

Through regular check-ins and and key lab tests, we can spot early warning signs of potential problems and take a proactive approach.

This is a huge factor in keeping chronic conditions in remission and ensuring flare-ups don’t turn into bigger problems.

With the Graduate Program you’ll get the support and guidance you need to stay on track.